The Capitalization of the Crypto Industry has Exceeded $1 Trillion


Nowadays the total market capitalization on the international crypto exchange has increased to 1.05 trillion dollars, which is the highest figure of the year.

In one week, the price of Bitcoin increased by 7% and became 23,000 dollars. The capitalization of the crypto-asset is in the range of 440 billion dollars.

The price of the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum has increased to $1,650, and the capitalization reaches $200 billion.

According to specialists of the US Federal Bureau of Statistics, by increasing the prices of crypto assets, the annual inflation level has decreased to 6.5%. The slowdown in the rate of inflation is primarily due to the tightening of monetary policy by the Federal Reserve.

The FED’s decision has a direct impact on global stock and crypto markets, as rising interest rates drive down riskier assets and vice versa.