Company Formation in Poland

There are few differences that should be analysed when making a choice between new company setup and ready company purchase in Poland. With ready made company business can be started same day, because companies that we sell are already VAT registered. When it comes to new company formation in Poland obtaining VAT registration might take around 7-14 days. Thus after this time when company is fully VAT and EU-VAT registered the client can start selling goods and services. However even before that, a company can enter into any legal contracts so the business can start organizing itself. also offers company formation in Poland. We setup new, tailor-made companies for our clients. Especially when a client requires the company to have a desired name. In this case it is much more efficient to setup new company than change the name of a ready made one (however both options are possible).

If you cannot decide which option you should go for just let us know your needs and we will suggest solution that would be better.

Business registration in Poland is easy with us

Even much more longer and cumbersome process of setting up new company in Poland with our assistance gets easy. We minimize required client engagement to bare minimum (1 hour at a notary) while we take care of the rest of formalities and paperwork. offers complete formation in Poland service which includes the following activities:

  1. Professional advice before, during and after setup.
  2. Preparation of tailor-made articles of association according to client’s guidelines and in line with applicable laws.
  3. Organizing a notary meeting, sworn translator and bank appointments.
  4. Preparation of all necessary forms and paperwork as well as its submission to the company registry and other authorities: tax office, Statistical Office, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
  5. We take care of the whole registration process and prepare all paperwork according to client’s instructions.
  6. We constantly monitor the progress of registration process and pick up all certificates NIP, REGON, KRS, PL-VAT, EU-VAT as soon as appropriate authorities issue them. assists its clients in the registration process of all available forms of business entities:

  • Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością - Limited Company
  • Spółka Akcyna - Joint-Stock Company
  • Spółka Jawna - Registered Partnership
  • Spółka Komandytowa - Limited Liability Partnership
  • Spółka Komandytowo-Akcyjna - Limited Joint-Stock Partnership
  • Działalność gospodarcza osoby fizycznej - Sole proprietorship
  • OddziałBranch
  • Przedstawicielstwo - Representative office

Learn more about the types of business entities in Poland

Coming to Poland vs remote procedure

Formalities of the new company formation in Poland as well as shelf company sale can be processed during client’s visit or remotely. Traveling to Poland is always best solution if there is urgent need of starting the business. In this case client can get a company and operational bank accounts within few hours spent in Warsaw.

For clients unable to travel or residing far from Poland we can offer remote registration procedure. In this case a client needs to sign all necessary paperwork (documents and POAs prepared by us upon client request) at closest Polish diplomatic outpost (embassy or consulate) or local notary. After we receive signed documents we can carry on the procedure remotely. When the remote registration is completed client will be notified and all company certificates will be couriered to him.

Due to its nature remote procedure can take much more longer time.

Benefits of using our Polish company formation service:

We provide our company formation in Poland service at a fixed, one figure price which includes all official fees (notary, company registry, sworn translator, tax office) as well as our full assistance in opening accounts in Polish banks.

When client leaves our office he has a company that will be ready to trade once we obtain VAT registration, virtual address service and bank accounts as well as his designated accountant. Therefore business can be started very fast.

We understand that our clients’ time is valuable. Therefore if you decide to use our services we will pick you up from the airport, drive you to our office and notary and all the banks. After procedure is completed our driver will take you back to the airport.

If you cannot or simply do not wish or have time to come to Poland, we can setup a company on your name remotely.

Whole new company registration procedure in Poland is complicated and time consuming. But with us it is not your problem. We will take care of everything.

Do you wish to start the procedure?

Just drop us an email or give us a call and we will send you short list of information that we need. After you provide it to us you can come anytime to proceed with the formalities.