Additional services in Poland

Acquiring a company in Poland is just the first step. In order for a business to grow, one needs to take care of a multitude of issues. Let us lift the burden of duties and provide assistance in all of those specific fields. For us, top-notch after-sale support is a priority.

physical office arrangement

Finding an appropriate office location in Poland might be problematic, especially for foreigners. That is why we offer support also in this field. Just let us know your basic requirements, like office size, class, and your budget and we will search, present you the offers and, after you make your choice, negotiate with the landlord and make sure the contract is fair and as much favourable to you as possible.

staff recruitment

From crafting a vacancy ad to signing agreements with the best candidates, recruitment process takes a lot of effort and time. Tell us what you expect from an employee, and we will go great lengths to find you the right person for the job.

tax inspection handling

Very frequently Polish authorities initiate tax inspections in companies that start trading. In such cases, the right approach, timely reaction and professional representation is essential. In order to make you feel well protected, we maintain close relations with the best tax advisors and lawyers, so that we can refer them to you based on character of the case, any special requirements and your particular needs.

EORI – Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification.

Should the nature of your business require EORI number, we are ready to prepare the application and handle the registration process of your company. The aim of the EORI system is to quicken the customs handling process for traders.


Also, if your business needs to be registered in Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, this issue can be solved by us. We will prepare application and manage the whole process of obtaining the GIOŚ number.

Pharmaceuticals Wholesale Dealer License (WDL)

Are you planning to trade in pharmaceutical products, like painkillers, decongestants or erectile dysfunction drugs in Poland? Just tell us that you require a ready-made company with a WDL license and we will sort that out for you.

Energy / Electricity and natural gas trading licences/concessions

Trading in energy, natural gas and fuels sector requires special types of licenses, co called concessions. If you would like to run a business in this field in Poland, we can offer you one of our shelf companies with energy or natural gas trading license. We will find out whether your company meets all the formal requirements for obtaining such licence, draw up all the necessary documents and handle the application process.

ECMS in Poland – Excise Movement and Control System

Are you trading in products subject to excise duty (such as tobacco, alcohol, or electric power) and require to be registered in the EMCS system? We will help you file the application. The system helps you to deal with customs issues faster and ease the entailed formalities. Please note that EMCS system is obligatory in Poland.

Transport license

If you would like to open a transportation company we will be more than happy to assist you with your licensing process. You may apply for a license to carry goods or people. The license is issued by Main Inspectorate of Road Transport.

Bonded warehouse license in Poland

If you would like to open a bonded warehouse and handle goods, you will also need a license for that. The license is issued by Polish customs authorities. There are several bonded warehouse types. We will analyze your needs and apply for the correct license for you.

KYC and due diligence

Do you need to make a research and proper KYC and due diligence on your client or supplier in Poland before entering into a high value deal? We are ready to carry out for you applicable KYC procedures and apply EDD standards, and make sure you comply with any related regulations.


Need more information on the Polish market and the opportunities opening in the country? We offer market analysis and feasibility studies to give you the information fast. Let us assess your investment plan and fine-tune it in accordance with the demands of Polish economic environment and a specific industry.


Participating in a negotiation process in a foreign country has its own challenges. Cultural differences, language barrier, or even time zone – all those may work against you. We provide representation and consultancy service, so that you can be sure that any negotiations go according to plan.