Our Services

ShelfCompanies24.com focuses on making doing business easier for individual businessmen and international companies all over the world. Our company has started providing services in its first jurisdiction – Poland - many years ago. Throughout this time we have achieved very high level of customer service, great efficiency and speed in dealing with our clients’ matters.

We specialize in company formation, sale of shelf companies as well as opening of bank accounts all over the world. ShelfCompanies24.com also provides all necessary business maintenance services: virtual office, accounting, corporate secretarial compliance, tax and legal advice and nominee services (only in certain jurisdictions).

Unlike many of our competitors we do not just limit our assistance to simple setup and business maintenance. Taking the step forward we also take care of more complex clients’ needs like: physical office arrangement, staff recruitment, tax inspection handling, handling of licensing process in various jurisdictions.

Furthermore we are aware that without appropriate banking a business cannot grow properly and delays in trade settlements can cause various problems. That is why we pay special attention to arranging for our clients accounts with the banks that suit their needs best. ShelfCompanies24.com has developed relationships with many in-shore and off-shore banks therefore we are able to streamline bank account opening procedures and minimize client engagement to absolute minimum. With our assistance many satisfied clients are using different banks or other settlement platforms all over the world.

ShelfCompanies24.com has great experience in corporate documentation in numerous countries. In consequence we can efficiently assist in obtaining all necessary certificates and registry excerpts from many jurisdictions for various purposes (ex. bank accounts opening in foreign bank). If any of the documents requires apostile or legalization and sworn translation we can arrange that as well.

We invite you to explore our website further to learn the scope of our services and find out how we can help you setup and grow your international business.

Benefits of using our services:

One of our primary objectives is to save your time. You can be sure that solutions that we design for you are the fastest possible as well as that we will execute them without any delays.

Due to our experience in doing business in Poland and its law we can present you best solutions for your business and provide you with the best advice in particular on legal and taxation issues.

You will experience it at the very beginning: if you decide to purchase a company from us or setup new company with our assistance we will provide you with a driver who will pick you up from the airport and take you to our office, notary, banks and assist you during whole procedure.

We sell and setup new companies every day. Therefore we have our ways to streamline each part of the process. You can be sure that will not waste your time.

We always work on a fixed fee for task basis. We do not charge hourly rates, etc. Thus when working with us you will always clearly know what is the cost of our services.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.