We are proud of fast, professional and enthusiastic customer service. Here are the main reasons why you should choose us:

Ultra-fast company transfer speed
One of our priorities is client’s time. Therefore we always proceed with company transfer immediately and finish very fast. One days is enough for us to transfer a company and open accounts in 3-4 different banks. If you wish to have only one bank then we will just take approximately 2-3 hours of your time.

All clear – Fixed cost – no surprises / one figure fee
We always present and agree with a client on a one figure fee. The cost that we present includes all official fees (notary, company registry, tax office, if necessary sworn translator fees).

Easy – just pick the company and tell us when you are coming.
You do not need to do anything else. Just pick the company and send us your details. All the rest will be handled by us. We will also pick you up from the airport and take you back if required.

All inclusive – bank accounts opening included
In the fixed company price that we present we also include opening of bank accounts in as many banks as you wish. If you only wish, you can stay for a week and we will open you different banks every day. All in in the company’s price.

Wide choice – wide range of companies
We have big variety of companies “on-stock” in our offer constantly. Different names, different locations, different VAT return periods (monthly/quarterly). So the choice for a client is very wide.

 Variety – many different company addresses
One of our advantages is that our shelf companies are registered in multiple different addresses throughout Poland and they can stay there if you only wish for the virtual office service to be provided. In this case you do not need to wait until the address gets updated to a different one like it is in case of many of our competitors.

After sale support
We do not just sell and forget. Our after sale support is well known and much appreciated by our clients. If you are having problems logging in to one of your banks after some time or maybe you lost some of your company documents, it is not a problem with us. We will always help you and never ignore your email requests in whatever needs you might have.