Address, accounting, compliance, tax and legal advice

Setting up a company is just step one in launching business operations. Let us help you with all the day-to-day activities that need to be performed in an enterprise. We take care of the boring stuff, you concentrate on managing the company.

Registered address – Virtual Office

Don’t want to invest in office space? Virtual office service is perfect if you are not interested in opening a branch in Poland. We provide company seat addresses in multiple locations, including Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, and other big Polish cities. We are open for any suggestions on your part. If you have a specific location in mind, let us know.

Accounting / payroll / HR

We offer a full scope of accounting and bookkeeping services. Let someone else take care of your paperwork, tax returns, payroll, financial statements, VAT records, company tax calculations, and more. We will make sure all your books are in order. We may also assist you and represent you in any dealings with tax authorities, such as compliance checks and reporting duties.

Corporate secretarial compliance

It is no exaggeration to say that reporting duties in Poland abound. It is crucial for any company on the Polish market to have a good grasp of all the statutory corporate obligations. Taxation, statistics, social insurance, company registry fillings, all this need to be taken care of, unless you want to be subject to heavy penalties and risk of de-registration. Let us take care of this, we know Polish system inside out.

There is a multitude of issues we can assist you with, when it comes to compliance service. We can help you deal with all of these (and more):

  1. a) Filing documents to various authorities (company registry – KRS, tax office, statistical office – REGON, social security institution – ZUS)
    b) Representation at Shareholder Meetings (acting as a proxy)
    c) Company records maintenance
    d) Preparation of necessary resolutions and KRS paperwork:
    Appointments and dismissals of board directors
    b. Company name or address change
    c. Company registered address change
    d. Appointments and dismissals of plenipotentiaries/proxies/attorneys
    e. Share capital increase/decrease
    f. Board members remuneration
    g. Purchase or sale of shares / real estate approvals
    h. Above statutory threshold third party contracts approvals
    i. Modification of Articles of Association
    j. Company liquidation resolution and liquidator appointment
  2. Nominee directors

If you require nominee services, these are also on our offer. Appointing a nominee director allows you to preserve anonymity, and also let go of some paperwork, like document signing.

Tax and legal assistance

We offer legal and tax optimization, corporate law advice, drafting and proofreading agreements and more. We cooperate with first-rate Polish attorneys to give you best support in the highly specialized and complex world of Polish legislation. Our experience in business means we may contribute a good deal of great tips and solutions.