Company formation Belize

International Business Company (IBC)

International Business Company (IBC) is the most popular type of offshore company, which enables tax optimisation and asset protection. Assuming the company will carry out operations abroad, it is also exempt from all taxes, is not subject to burdensome reporting obligations, and also has vast functions protecting the confidentiality of shareholders. Establishing International Business Companies is possible pursuant to the 1990 Belize IBC Act.

Thanks to IBC companies, Belize is currently regarded as one of the friendliest and modern offshore jurisdiction in the world.

One of the biggest advantages of registering a company in Belize is full confidentiality. The only documents that are publicly available in the registers is the Memorandum and Articles of Association, where there is no information with regard to company directors and owners. Information on owners and shareholders is known only by a licenced agent who is legally obliged to keep the information confidential. What is more, in Belize, nominee services are commonplace, thanks to which you may protect your privacy to an even greater extent.

IBC is an ideal instrument for international bank transactions because legal provisions were designed with offshore investors in mind. The construction is good for both already existing international companies and entities that are just entering the international market.

International Business Company may conduct any legal activity in any country. The activity may be conducted in any currency.

IBC shareholders and directors may be physical as well as legal persons. The director may manage the company through plenipotentiaries based on general or specific powers of attorney, and the powers of attorney do not need to be registered anywhere. In Belize, director register is not mandatory and may be kept in any place in the world, the aim of which is to protect privacy. Contrary to some other offshore jurisdictions, in IBC to open a company you need only one director who may but does not have to be a shareholder. Both directors and shareholders do not have to be Belize residents and their addresses of residence may be anywhere in the world.

To register a company in Belize you need to use services of a licenced agent who will set up the company and settle the annual licence fee – the owners are not allowed to do this themselves.


Advantages of having a Belize International Business Company (IBC):

  • IBC companies are exempt from all taxes, irrespective of revenues, there is a fixed licence fee in the amount of 100 USD. IBCs do not pay stamp duty either.
  • Belize IBCs guarantee their owners a very high level of confidentiality. Belize authorities are not keen on disclosing bank or fiscal information to any foreign entities – even in the case of countries with which agreements on exchange of tax and bank information have been signed. Client confidentiality matters are grounded in business and corporate law. Thanks to this, Belize is one of the safest and the most confidential offshore jurisdictions in the world in terms of disclosing information to foreign countries’ governments, especially if a company is registered through nominee directors and shareholders.
  • No obligation to maintain accounting books or submit annual financial reports.
  • Possibility to open a bank account in Belize from other countries without director’s presence.
  • Minimum red tape and super-quick company formation time – the whole process takes around 2 days, with 3 more days needed for obtaining apostille or legalisation of all company documents.
  • IBCs are companies with limited liability in which there is no minimum share capital and there is no requirement for the capital to be paid in full before the company starts operating.
  • International Business Company’s name may include the words: “Limited”, “Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Societe Anonima”; as well as abbreviations: “Ltd”, “Inc”, “SA”.
  • To establish an IBC, you only need one person who may be both the director and the shareholder, there is no requirement to have a company secretary.
  • Belize, contrary to other tax havens, is not on the black list, thanks to which it is regarded more favourably in the world, all thanks to a stable bank system.
  • Low cost of company formation in comparison with the costs needed to form a company in other offshore jurisdictions and low licence fee.
  • Belize has great stability and is not entangled in any conflicts. In the country, there is a stable democratic system. Belize in a member of the UN and the Commonwealth. Thanks to this, business located here is safe.



In Belize, trust law is commonly used and has long tradition. Thanks to this, nominee services - both nominee director and nominee shareholders -  are often used for establishing IBCs. Resorting to this option guarantees the highest level of confidentiality and also helps to protect company assets, protects against creditors, guarantees tax minimisation, helps in free disposal of inheritance.

When setting up an IBC with us, you may use this service as well.

We recommend this service mostly to citizens from the countries with which Belize signed agreements on exchange of fiscal information.

Our Belize corporate kits include the following documents:

  • One single set of M&AA, COI, Appointment legalized in Belize
  • Power of Attorney legalized in Panama
  • Share certificate
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Letter of resignation
  • Inaugural Meeting
  • Rubber Seal


Belize is one of the countries in which company formation is the fastest in the world – the whole process takes around 2 days, and most importantly, client’s presence is not required to establish a company or open a bank account. We need additional 2-3 days to obtain apostille or legalisation of all documents.

Our company provides comprehensive services; therefore, clients take care of all formalities connected with purchasing an IBC and its later functioning in one place. After the purchase, clients receive a set of all company documents with apostille, we also provide registration address, nominee services, and assist in opening bank accounts in various countries in the world. We also make sure the licence fee is paid on time, as a misstep with regard to this issue entails removal of the company from the register. We also encourage you to contact our advisors who will be happy to provide you guidance on how to use IBCs to maximise the possibilities this type of company offers.

Time of our clients is priceless, that is why we take care of everything as quickly as possible. We get to work immediately after receiving all required documents and fee. We work 24/7 and may be contacted even late at night.

Both buying a ready-made company and forming a new one is possible remotely, without the need to come to Belize and this is what we offer our clients. There is no need to come to Belize to become an owner of an IBC. Unless you wish to relax on a beach and later pick up a company document kit from us.

Moreover, our company is cooperating with numerous banks all around the world and thanks to that we will be happy to assist you in opening a bank account – without the need to take your time to come to the country where the bank is located.

We get to work right away after receiving all the required documents, and we do not engage the client in the whole process. The client does not even have to sign any documents, as one of our agents may do this on their behalf.

Do you wish to start the procedure?

Just drop us an email or give us a call and we will send you short list of information that we need. After you provide it to us you can come anytime to proceed with the formalities.