Shelf Companies in Poland

Buying a shelf company in Poland allows you to commence business activities straight away, without the need to go through the lengthy and complex company registration process. Want to have a company in Poland? Don’t give yourself the hassle and start trading immediately. Establishing a company in Poland is a difficult and time consuming process. Thus for clients who need to start business fast ready-made company is the best solution. However if a client only wishes we are also able to form a company in Poland for him (for more details please check Company Formation in Poland). We will then make sure client engagement is limited to bear minimum and all the burden is on our shoulders. is one of the biggest and most reliable provider of shelf companies in Poland. Our ready-made companies and service quality are positively endorsed by all of our satisfied clients. We are also recommended by many law and tax advisory firms that cooperate with us.

Our clients come to Poland from many different industries. Many of ready-made companies sold by us have become big ventures in many different sectors: energy and gas, international trade, commercial and residential property investments, pharmaceuticals, private equity, etc. Our Polish shelf companies are serving as business vehicles for plenty of commodities traders, big multinational companies as well as individual businessmen.

As opposed to some of our competition we do not source from the market and then resell the companies. All of our ready-made companies are professionally setup and maintained by our own team of lawyers and accountants. Our shelf companies in Poland are clean and have never traded therefore the risk of acquiring an entity in debt does not exists. This is our guarantee.

Polish shelf companies that we offer are setup in precise and professional way that streamlines the whole process of ownership transfer. This together with our enthusiasm and full devotion to the clients’ positive experience allows us to proceed with all the formalities extremely fast and efficiently. We are proud that in all of the cases our clients purchasing shelf companies in Poland are able to start trading same day.

Our Polish ready-made companies come with the all necessary features:

- Registered address (multiple addresses available)
- Customized Articles of Association
- Minimum required share capital (optionally can be increased).
- Bank accounts (including currency accounts)
- Company registry (KRS) registration and company number
- NIP (taxpayer number)
- REGON number
- Polish and EU-VAT registration (VIES VAT active)
- Fully incorporated and ready to trade
- Free of tax arrears or other liabilities
- Financial statements and records in order
- Premium landline numbers with call diversion
- Licenses and certificate available


Fully customizable

We understand that you wish your company to be completely unique and meet all your requirements. That is why we offer quick, no-hassle changes to company records. You may give your company the name of your choice, change its shareholders, address, share capital, or directors. We take care of the paperwork. You just tell us your idea and we personalize the enterprise according to your wishes and needs.


Minimum engagement on your part

You do not like to travel? There is no need for you to come to Poland at all. We offer a fully remote company acquisition process. You may take over an enterprise, appoint directors, or even open bank accounts – all that without leaving your country.


Consultation included in the package

In business, experience in invaluable. Feel free to make use of our knowledge of Polish legal system and corporate environment. We may advise you on shareholder configuration, tax optimization, and many other issues. Running operations in a foreign country can be tricky. Take advantage of our 30-year experience in business.


Shelf company on demand service

You do not want to have time to come to Poland yet but you prefer shelf company purchase? Not a problem. We can take an order for a shelf company on demand. In this service you tell us your desired name and other requirements and we will setup this company same way as we setup our ready-made companies. Of course unlike the other shelf companies we will not offer this company to other clients but we will be just maintaining it for you until you find time to come and transfer the company into your name.


Company transfer during client visit vs remote procedure

We offer our clients choice everywhere we only can. With a view to save our clients time we offer two procedures of ready-made company transfer: during client’s visit and remote.

If a client wishes to start the business immediately then traveling to Poland might be the best idea because we can finalize everything within few hours (actual time depends on how many banks a client wishes us to open for him). On the other hand if client resides far away or simply does not have time to come to Poland we can also offer remote company transfer. In this procedure we prepare all necessary documents and POAs. Client just needs to go and sign those documents either at local notary or Polish embassy or consulate. Please note that in case of remote procedure the choice of banks is limited and might change.

Benefits of Polish shelf companies:

Client engagement is limited to one visit at the notary and signing share transfer contract as well as signing already prepared by us company details update paperwork and bank signatory forms. All procedure can be completed in just 1-2 hours if only the client provides us his order in small advance. The process can only take more time when client wishes to open many banks due to natural logistic reasons.

We provide our Polish shelf companies at a fixed, one figure price that includes all official fees (notary, company registry) as well as our full assistance in opening accounts in Polish banks.

When client leaves our office he has a fully registered company, ready to trade immediately, virtual address service and bank accounts as well as his designated accountant. Therefore business can be started straight away, same day when company is acquired.

We understand that our clients’ time is valuable. Therefore if you decide to use our services we will pick you up from the airport, drive you to our office and notary and all the banks. After procedure is completed our driver will take you back to the airport.

If you cannot or simply do not wish or have time to come to Poland, we can transfer the company into your name remotely.

We prepare the paperwork, we arrange the notary, we make appointments at the banks, we provide you our driver until the whole procedure is completed. You only need to come to Warsaw.

Do you wish to proceed?

Just drop us an email or give us a call. We will send you the list of companies we currently have in offer as well as short list of information that we need you to provide. Then just tell us when you wish to come.