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Energy Bills in Europe Reach Record Levels

[11-November-22 5:45:36]
Although governments are spending billions to protect people from the energy crisis, European households are still paying more for natural gas and electricity this year...

Portugal Closing the “Golden Visa” Program

[4-November-22 16:02:58]
Portugal may end its “Golden Visa” program, which granted residency to wealthy foreigners in return for investment. Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced the news at...

The EBRD to Move its Headquarters to Canary Wharf

[9-October-22 12:12:29]
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has moved its headquarters from the London Stock Exchange to Canary Wharf, – the information was written...

A New Peak of Inflation in the Eurozone

[2-September-22 13:50:54]
According to preliminary estimates, annual inflation in the 19 countries accelerated to a record 9.1% in August. Foreign media publish the mentioned figures based on...