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Increased Car Sales in the European Union

[3-September-23 12:34:45]
Share this page Car sales in the European Union increased by 15.2% in July compared to the same month last year. Sales growth has been...

Four European Islands for Remote Work

[28-August-23 14:24:13]
Share this page Digital nomads are guided by the following criteria when choosing a country to live in. These are the cost of living, comfortable...

Bitcoin can Surpass USD and Other Currencies

[1-August-23 14:48:14]
Share this page Larry Fink, CEO of the BlackRock investment company, said that Bitcoin could become one of the leading assets in the global financial...

“Sberbank” left the European market

[25-June-23 10:04:30]
Share this page “Sberbank” announced the sale of its Austrian subsidiary Sber Vermоgensverwaltungs AG in Abwicklung, but did not specify the amount of the transaction....

Inflation in EBRD regions in March was 14.3%

[19-May-23 11:02:01]
Share this page According to the latest Regional Economic Prospects of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), early estimates of quarterly gross domestic...