Company formation in Bahamas

International Business Company (IBC)

Bahamas International Business Company is a model example of an offshore company thanks to which entrepreneurs may minimise costs arising from doing business, especially costs connected with taxation, in a completely legal way, maintaining full confidentiality and asset protection. Companies of this type may perform virtually any type of business activity, except licenced sectors, such as banking, insurance, services for trust, fund management.

IBSs have simple structure and are easy to manage from abroad, thanks to which they do not accrue redundant administrative costs. To form a company, you only need one shareholder and one director. There are no obligations with regard to annual management board or shareholders’ meetings, and meetings may take place from anywhere in the world, also by phone, Skype or other mobile applications.

IBCs in the Bahamas have long tradition, thanks to which the structure is known by banks which do not make any problems when opening accounts here.

Bahamas International Companies for over 20 years have been chosen by entrepreneurs from around the world in order to gain immense business benefits.

Bahamas IBCs are most often used as holders of cross-border assets, yachts and real estate, intellectual property and trademarks, they run operations in the fields of consultancy, marketing and HR, international trade, hold bank assets, are owners of family companies, and most of all are used for asset protection.


Advantages of having a Bahamas International Business Company (IBC)

  • Bahamas IBCs are exempt from all taxation and stamp duty
  • Bahamas International Business Companies guarantee its shareholders maximum confidentiality and anonymity. Nominee services are permitted.
  • The Bahamas is a country honouring the rule of law, where rights of international entrepreneurs are respected and the government look after their interests.
  • IBCs is a great way to protect assets, including real estate.
  • Bahamas International Business Companies are formed super quick, without a need to visit the Bahamas, it is possible in just one day.
  • Annual licence fee is only 350 USD (provided share capital does not exceed 50 000 USD).
  • There is no currency exchange control
  • Bahamas IBCs have simple structure, one shareholder and one director, who may be a physical or legal person, is enough.
  • In the Bahamas, the official language is English, and all company documents are drafted in this language
  • The Bahamas enjoys stable political and economic situation



Nominee services are entirely legal and commonly used in the Bahamas. In the case of Bahamas IBCs, director information (including address) appear in the business register, and that is why all those who wish to remain anonymous should consider using nominee director services. Nominee shareholder services are also commonly used.

Bahamas IBCs are formed fast. To set up a company you only need a day, and our team will make sure this time does not get prolonged.

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Bahamas IBCs may be formed remotely, the same is true for opening bank accounts and administrative services.

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