Ready-made shelf companies in France offer ready-made companies registered in France that can be bought and used for trading almost immediately. Buying a company that is already registered is the quickest way to start your own business. We offer shelf companies with fully adaptable bylaws, with no history of activity. We prepare all the necessary paperwork and also provide post-sale assistance and advice. Remote share sale option is available.
No hidden fees. You provide a single payment that covers all expenses, we take care of the rest.
Company formation plus virtual office plus banking plus professional business advice.
Hundreds of satisfied customers can attest to our professionalism.
You do not have to travel if you don’t want to. The process can be carried out remotely.
We take care of all the formalities and prepare all documents necessary to start a business.

Do you wish to start the procedure?

Just drop us an email or give us a call and we will send you short list of information that we need. After you provide it to us you can come anytime to proceed with the formalities.