Company formation Marshall Islands

Non-resident domestic corporation

The biggest advantages of the non-resident domestic corporation, apart from complete exemption from taxation, is high level of confidentiality – one of the highest in the world. The registration authority does not have information on company shareholders. The data is solely in the hands of a licenced registration agent who is legally obliged not to disclose it. Information on shareholders and later board members is not collected and processed by state administration. To put it shortly, there are no official documents or registers based on which it would be possible to identify company shareholders.

Non-resident domestic corporations have flexible structure, in the basic scenario, the company may have one director and one shareholder as well as a secretary but more complex structures are also possible. The shareholder, director and secretary may be a private person or a company, including foreign companies. Using nominee services is permitted here as well.

Non-resident domestic corporations are very easy to manage, as there is no obligation to prepare annual financial reports, and accountancy is required only on a basil level and is not subject to audit. There is also no obligation to hold shareholders’ meetings or board meetings, and if need be they make take place anywhere in the world, also via phone.

Companies in the Marshall Islands are set up incredibly fast, it is possible within one day.

Non-resident domestic corporations are most often used for managing and protecting assets, tax optimisation, real estate management, as bank account and securities account holders, patent and trademark holders, ship holders, consultancy and marketing companies, and also for international trade.


Advantages of having a non-resident domestic corporation

  • Complete lack of taxation
  • Very high level of confidentiality – no information on shareholders and directors in the business register
  • To establish a company, you only need one director and one shareholder, who may be the same person (also a legal person) and a secretary
  • Super quick company formation
  • No requirement to hold board meetings or shareholders’ meetings
  • Non-resident domestic corporations guarantee its owners/directors/beneficiary owners 100% privacy
  • Flexible company structure that may be easily adapted to suit one’s needs
  • No obligation to prepare annual financial statements
  • Bearer shares allowed
  • Low licence fee – 150 USD a year
  • In the Marshall Islands the official currency is US dollar, which guarantees safe business operations
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • In the Marshall Islands the official language is English
  • The country has stable political and economic situation



Even though non-resident domestic corporations guarantee high level of privacy, nominee director and shareholder services are permitted and often used in the islands. To put it in a nutshell, there appears to be no jurisdiction safer than the Marshall Islands.


The Marshall Islands is one of the jurisdictions where company formation is the fastest in the world – it is possible in just 24 hours.

Purchasing a company is just the beginning of business activity. We encourage you to use our services also in other areas – nominee directors and nominee shareholders, company secretary (obligatory in the Marshall Islands) or opening a bank account in one of the many banks we cooperate with across the globe.

As „time is money”, our consultants are acting quickly and efficiently, so that our every client gets the ordered product as soon as possible.

Non-resident domestic corporation may be set up remotely, visiting the Marshall Islands is not necessary. Email us today, and we will send you a list of documents required to start the process.

As specialists in entrepreneur support, we know and meet our clients’ needs in all areas. The only thing you need to do is place an order and send us a few required documents, everything else is in our hands.

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