Buying a ready made company is the fastest and most cost effective way of entering market. Here are the main reasons why you should choose our Shelf Company service:

Registering a company from the scratch might take long time in Polish legal reality. Especially problems might occur when applying for VAT and EU-VAT registration. That is why shelf company solutions is the fastest choice. With one of our ready made companies client can start business in Poland same day.

Already fully registered
Off the shelf companies that we offer are already registered with all necessary authorities (KRS, tax office, statistical office) and possess all required company documents (NIP, REGON, VAT, EU-VAT, VAT-7 or VAT-7k as well as ZASW tax clearance and ZUS clearance).

Ready to start trading same day.
Newly formed company can enter into any legal contracts however cannot start selling goods and services without the VAT registration that takes around 7-14 days in Poland. Therefore the fastest choice for trading activity is shelf company because such company can be used same day for immediate trading purposes.

Easy remote purchase procedure.
We offer also remote purchase procedure for our clients that do not have time to travel to Poland. All required paperwork can be signed either at Polish diplomatic outpost (embassy or consulate) or local notary and then apostiled or legalized. Please note that in case of remote shelf company sale take longer time than in case when the client comes to Poland. Also there is very limited choice of banks that allow remote opening, so if only client can travel it is always faster and better to come to Warsaw to proceed with formalities.