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Company formation in Antigua

International Business Corporation (IBC)

The most popular type of company formed by foreign investors is International Business Corporation (IBC), a model offshore structure.

One of the biggest advantages of IBCs is complete exemption from taxation both on legal and physical persons for the period of 50 years of company establishment.

Another important issue is legally guaranteed protection of privacy – shareholder and director data is not published anywhere, and disclosing this information by anyone comes with heavy legal sanctions. The only data subject to reporting obligation are Articles of Association that includes name, surname and address of the registration agent, the number of shares that may be issued, types of shares. Shareholder and director data is held only by the licenced registration agent who is obliged not to disclose it.

IBCs are formed very fast, with minimum formalities. Companies have to be set up by a licenced agent and have to have their offices in the territory of the country.

IBCs may be set up by one or multiple shareholders and may have one or multiple directors, who may be both physical and legal persons. There are no requirements with regard to minimum share capital.

Antigua IBCs are used as entities in international trade, real estate owners, leasing companies, bank account and security holders, consulting and marketing companies and other entities carrying out commercial activity.



Advantages of having an Antigua International Business Corporation (IBC)

  • IBCs are fully exempt from taxation
  • Minimum formalities and fast company formation
  • Transparent company structure
  • Easy to manage – board and shareholder meetings may take place in the territory of any country in the world
  • No information concerning shareholders and directors in registers, which guarantees high level of confidentiality
  • Strong currency pegged to the American dollar
  • No currency exchange control
  • Legal protection of foreign investors and very good court system based on British law, favourable attitude of the government
  • No obligation to submit annual financial reports
  • Ease of share transfers and 100% privacy guaranteed during the process
  • The country is enjoying a strong economic and financial position, is safe and the rule of law is respected. Antigua has a modern legal system, creating excellent conditions for offshore business
  • Thanks to high level of education of the citizens, services, including business services, are provided at the top level
  • High level of banking services
  • The official language is English



It is possible to use nominee director and shareholder services to optimise the advantages of running an offshore company. Such solution guarantees the highest level of confidentiality and protection of assets of the highest degree.

Our advisors make every effort to make the process of forming a company as quick as possible. In the territory of Antigua, it is possible to do that in just one day.

Shelfcompanies24 have been providing comprehensive company formation services for years. Thanks to that, we are specialists in many fields and you may take care of all matters connected with company setup and services in one place.

As Shelfcompanies24 team consists to a great extent of businesspeople, we are aware how important time is and make sure all of our clients’ matters are taken care of straightaway. Time is money!

Both purchasing a company and opening a bank account are possible without a need for you to come to Antigua. We take care of everything remotely, and in this way, you save time and money.

Our goal is not only selling a company. We want our clients to be able to make use of all possibilities that come with having an offshore company. We encourage you to contact us after the sale if there are any additional questions or issues. You can always count on us!

Do you wish to start the procedure?

Just drop us an email or give us a call and we will send you short list of information that we need. After you provide it to us you can come anytime to proceed with the formalities.