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- Good relationship with most important banks.
- Unlimited bank accounts - no caps/no limits
- Foreign bank accounts
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- physical office arrangement/ staff recruitment & accounting
- tax inspection handling / EORI & GIOS
- WDL Trading / Energy / Electricity / Natural gas trading licenses
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Liechtenstein is a landlocked Alpine microstate situated between Austria and Switzerland. With the total area of 160 sq. km and the population of merely 38,000, it is one of the smallest countries in the world.
At the same time, the Principality of Liechtenstein is the richest country in the world. The state’s official language is German. It has a capital city: Vaduz. Liechtenstein uses Swiss francs (CHF) as its official currency. It is a participant to EEA and Schengen Zone, but is not a member of the European Union.

There are several legal structures provided for in the Liechtenstein company law. The most popular business vehicles are a company limited by shares (AG Ltd) and a private limited liability company (GmbH).

To establish the former, you need 50,000 CHF and at least two shareholders. In the case of the latter, the minimum share capital requirement is 30,000 CHF and it can be founded by one person. Each shareholder needs to make a contribution of at least 50 CHF.

The founding members need to prepare incorporation agreement in the form of a notarial deed if their number is greater than three. The initial capital needs to be fully paid up upon company formation and deposited in a special account in an EEA bank. After the company is incorporated, the share capital is at the entity’s free disposal.

Audit of financial statements is mandatory. Companies in Liechtenstein need to register with the Commercial Register (Handelsregister) maintained by the Department of Justice. Registration comes at a fee the amount of which depends on the amount of the entity’s capital.

With the corporate tax rate at 12.5%, Liechtenstein is one of the most attractive destinations for investment. Received dividends are exempt from taxation. Capital gains are treated as regular income. Losses may be carried forward with no time restriction. There are no withholding taxes. There is, however, a levy imposed on the renumeration of the members of the Board of Directors. It is 12%.

Liechtenstein is a member of EEA and EFTA and also forms a customs union with Switzerland. The country is known as a financial services centre and numerous foreigners (entities and individuals alike) are clients of Swiss financial institutions. Other sectors important to the economy are manufacturing, electronics and textiles. Liechtenstein is known for high standard of living.

Liechtenstein is a constitutional hereditary monarchy and a direct democracy. The head of state is the Prince of Liechtenstein. The ruling monarch has the right to propose new legislation and his or her approval is necessary for any new law to become effective. The Landtag of Liechtenstein (the country’s unicameral parliament) consists of 25 members. The chief executive body is the Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister.

The first bank in Liechtenstein was established in 1861. Today, the Principality has 13 licenced banks. The financial sector is supervised by the Banking Division of Financial Market Authority (Finanzmarktaufsicht). Liechtenstein banks to a large extent concentrate on wealth management and private banking. The banks manage 210 billion CHF of client assets globally. Liechtenstein is a member of SEPA.

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ShelfCompanies24.com is one of the leading providers of ready made companies and special purpose vehicles (SPVs) as well as other investment structures delivering outstanding service at very reasonable prices and at highest speed. We have setup and sold hundreds of companies. Our company is considered trustworthy and reliable by our clients as well as by many professional law firms and tax advisers.

What is very unique in our style of operation is the fact that we have our ready made companies already registered in many various countries. All other providers have one address where they keep their shelf companies registered so that client wishing to buy more than one company with different address cannot be satisfied.

Many competitors may be offering lower prices however this always is at the expense of service and provided company quality. Our core activity is company formation and sale of ready made companies thus all members of our team have appropriate professional background. Our shelf companies are formed in accordance to all relevant laws and procedures by the team of qualified and experience professionals and lawyers. On the other hand the maintenance of our ready made companies is performed by licensed and proficient accountants and tax advisers. Therefore our clients can be sure that a shelf company they buy from us is clean, with no debts or tax issues, is formed professionally and its Articles of Association are of high quality.

Our main clients are private investors, traders, law, audit, accountancy and tax advisory firms as well as banks and investment funds. Throughout the years of activity Shelfcompanies24 has been enjoying the reputation of the fastest and most responsive shelf company provider.
Our ready made companies have been formed and maintained by our team. Therefore we always guarantee their quality and that they are debt free, with no trading history and consequently riskless to build new ventures on.

Our services do not finish on the sale of shelf companies or company formation. We provide also many other related and necessary services so that we can be treated as a one stop shop in a business setup in many countries. We are also experts in tailor made company formation as well as compliance and registering various changes within the company like director appointments and dismissals, company name change, share capital increase or decrease, company address change and many other issues.

We also provide tax and legal advisory services that are inevitably required by the businesses. We cooperate with many reputable tax and legal advisory firms whose services we can also recommend when the nature of the problem requires certain field specialist engagement.

For those clients who have a need to present their companies documents in foreign countries we provide apostille and translation services. After company sale documents can simply stay with us for the purpose of their apostille or legalisation and sworn translation to any desired language. This service is mainly required when there is a need to open a foreign bank account for a shelf company.

Furthermore we have agreements with many different accounting offices so that we are able to offer a wide choice of the particular accountant that will be dealing with client’s company. Also in case two or more of our clients are trading partners we can ensure that their books will be handled by separate and independent accountants.

Ultimately we can also support with a procedure of liquidation/bankruptcy of a company if a client wishes to withdraw their business presence. In this case we can either manage the process of liquidation or bankruptcy on client’s behalf or simply just dispose the assets and takeover the company so that the clients can enjoy fast exit.


  • The company delivered a ready-to-go business, with VAT and EU VAT registration. Paperwork and the whole re-registration process was handled efficiently. I recommend this to anyone looking for a no-hassle company acquisition.

    Lionel Ronald

  • Company name of your choice? Check. Accounting services? Check. Help with tax authorities? Check. Finding a translator? Check. What can I say, these people are great and can help you with just anything.

    Sarah Duke

  • We needed to start building our presence in Poland fast, and a ready-made company seemed like the best option. We got presented with several location choices, picked the company name, signed some paperwork and were good to go. We got a company that was VAT-registered, with multiple bank accounts, just as we wanted.

    Jon Kim

  • Thank you for all the help. Your after-sale support is what sets you apart from the competition. It was important for me to get comprehensive company services at one place, with accounting, banking, tax issues handled for me, etc. I got everything I needed.

    Garret Lopez

  • I really recommend this website if you are looking for a shelf company in Poland. The companies are already registered, with no history and all documentation in place. This is really a great solution if you want to start your business ASAP. And the range of available post-sale services is just amazing.

    Francis Klein

  • Thank you for your support! Your advice was invaluable. Polish tax and legal provisions can really be a pain in the neck, but with your help I am able to get going.

    Eugene Syracuse

  • Not only did we need a new company, but also someone to take care of our accounting and compliance. Now, we must say ShelfCompanies24 helped us to transition smoothly into the Polish market. Good work, guys!

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    John Mathews

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