Almost 852,000 New Car Registrations in the EU in January

Car Registrations

New car registrations on the European market increased by 12.1% year-on-year in January this year, which is a recovery compared to December 2023. This was announced by the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers.

Some Facts about New Car Registrations:

According to the same report, 851,690 vehicles were registered in the 27-member union last month. Significant growth was recorded in all major European markets, including Germany (19.1%), Italy (10.6%), France (9.2%) and Spain (7.3%).

Last month, among new car sales, the market share of electric vehicles reached 10.9%. In January 2023, this rate was 9.5%.

Registration of electric car registrations in January increased by 28.9% and amounted to 92,741 units. In the same period, sales of hybrid cars increased by 23.5% and amounted to 245,068 units.