Bitcoin can Surpass USD and Other Currencies

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Larry Fink, CEO of the BlackRock investment company, said that Bitcoin could become one of the leading assets in the global financial sector in the future – Fink announced on CNBC.

According to the CEO of BlackRock, BTC can even surpass the US dollar in terms of market capitalization. Larry Fink agreed with experts who believe that the introduction of Bitcoin contributes to the democratization of the financial infrastructure.

“We are responsible for the democratization of investments. We have already done a lot of work. ETF accelerates the transformation of investments, but we are only at the beginning of this journey,” emphasized the head of the investment company.

Larry Fink views BTC as one of the stand-alone asset classes with gigantic potential. That’s why his company is ready to launch an exchange-traded crypto ETF that tracks Bitcoin’s performance in the spot market.

We remind you that BlackRock has again applied to register Bitcoin-ETF. This caused the price of BTC to skyrocket to $31,000. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao commented on BlackRock’s actions, noting that the industry will benefit from the participation of big players: “The more, the merrier.”