Cryptocurrency Breakthrough – How the Prices Change


The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has broken another psychological boundary, and the entire digital currency market is still profitable. Investors may be rubbing their hands, even despite Monday’s price slip.

In recent days, cryptocurrencies are constantly increasing. Investors are sharpening their teeth for profits, and Bitcoin steadily records higher results.

Recently, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has exceeded the $21,000 benchmark several times. Weekly profits of the token are already over 20 percent.

For the first time, BTC exceeded $21,000 on the night of January 14-15. Throughout Sunday, the course was approaching and descending from the magical limit. Approx. At 2:00 on Monday, the cryptocurrency again exceeded 21,000. The last day’s high settled at $21,340 around 3:25 am Soon after, there was a correction to the level of 21.1 thousand. Around 9:00 am, there was a dip from $21,121 to $20,760 at 10:00 am.

In case of the second cryptocurrency on the market – Ethereum (ETH) – crossing the $1,500 mark took place a little earlier. We observed a sharp rally between 1:00 and 2:00 am on Saturday, January 14. Then ETC jumped from $1,451 to $1,544.

Throughout the weekend, Ethereum stayed above $1,520. The daily high of $1,578 fell around 3:30 am on Monday. However, there is no question of crossing the $1,600 limit, because the token also recorded a dynamic reduction at the beginning of the week.

Around 9:00 am, the hourly rate fell from $1,566 to $1,538. After a few adjustments around 13:15, the value of ETC is around $1545.