World’s First “Digital Village” for Remote Workers in Croatia

Recently, World’s first so-called “Digital Village” has been opened in Croatia, where anyone who works from home can come.

According to Euronews, the village of Zadar is located on the seafront in central Croatia. Zadar is the oldest settlement in Croatia, dating back to the Roman Empire. During the summer, many tourists come here to see cultural sites and taste local seafood.

The publication writes that from the day the pandemic started, working from home has become particularly intense. Many people have realized that they can do things from home easily and do not need to come to the office at all.

Studies show that flexible working has huge benefits for our mental and physical health. And if you’re in a location with lower living costs, your wallet could benefit too.

Because of a sharp decline in the number of tourists, Croatia decided to invite people who would like to travel to a foreign country and work from there.

In addition, Croatia has imposed special visa requirements for “remote nomads”. Individuals who come to Croatia for this purpose are exempt from income tax.

Special houses were set up in the village for those who want a special offer, where they have to pay 130 euros for a week’s stay. The one-month rent for a house is 520 euros, while in the standard case renting a house of the same size would cost at least double.

“One of the main reasons why we implemented this project is that the Croatian tourism sector is completely dependent on summer. The rest of the year, tourism is practically “dead”, says Mario Mrk, one of the authors of the idea of ​​a “remote village”.

He thinks that if the idea succeeds, a number of other similar projects will be implemented in Croatia.