Ryanair expands its route network

Ryanair, the biggest European budget airline, announced bold plans for the months to come. The carries wants to build up their network and add new destinations at Modlin Airport. But that is not all. The company will soon start operating from Chopin Airport in Warsaw.

Ryanair has been present in Poland since 2005 and is constantly expanding its presence in the country. Currently, the carrier takes passengers to 28 destinations in Europe from 10 Polish cities (Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Rzeszów, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wrocław).

Polish people fly more and more every year, mainly due to the fact that a lot of Poles have emigrated to other EU countries. Emigration doesn’t mean cutting the links to your homeland, though. People travel to Poland for holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, or for a summer break.

Ryanair’s list of travel destinations will soon reach 37. For the winter season, the company is to open new flight routes from Polish Modlin airport to British Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Newcastle, Portuguese Porto, French Toulouse and Spanish Valencia. The expansion is to be accompanied with large tickets discounts to boost customers’ interest.

The carries is also to start operating from Chopin Airport, Warsaw’s main and Poland’s biggest and most prestigious port. Ryanair planes will take passengers to Wrocław and Grańsk three times a day. These are not new connections, but the planes so far have been taking off from Modlin Airport and only twice a day.

Moreover, the company is planning to invest in the current infrastructure. Airports in Gdańsk, Wrocław and Warsaw will each get an additional plane. In Warsaw alone, workforce will be increased by 2,600 staff members. In May 2016 the company plans to launch Travel Labs Polska, an IT centre that is to be located in Wrocław. The centre will employ around 120 IT professionals: developers, testers, and engineers.

The company is currently in the third year of its “Always Getting Better” initiative. Among the changes to be introduced are a new tariff, a new payment system, auto check-in, simplified luggage options and an improved mobile application. Passengers may also expect new cabin décor and flight personnel uniforms.

Ryanair is the most popular air carrier in Poland. According to its estimates, it will carry over 3 million passengers during this year’s summer season.