Amsterdam to Raise Tourist Tax in 2024 to Support City’s Development

Tourist Tax

In a bid to cover the growing expenses associated with the city’s development, Amsterdam is set to increase its tourist tax in 2024, according to an official statement.

The Impact of this Tourist Tax to the People:

Starting next year, the daily fee for cruise ship arrivals in the Dutch capital will see an uptick from €8 to €11, which translates to $8.5 to $11.6. Additionally, the overnight stay tax, integrated into the cost of hotel rooms, will rise to 12.5% of the room’s price.

Amsterdam has been grappling with a surge in tourism in recent years and has implemented various measures to manage the influx of visitors, including restrictions on cruise ship arrivals.

As reported by DutchNews, this tax hike will position Amsterdam as the city with the highest tourist tax rate in the European Union and the fourth highest globally. This move is expected to aid in funding the city’s ongoing development projects while also managing the challenges associated with the burgeoning tourism industry.