EU Calls for Enhanced Surveillance of Sanctioned Technologies in Third-Country Trade

EU to make breaking sanctions against Russia a crime, seizing assets easier  | Reuters

The European Union calls on third countries to tighten the monitoring of trade with sanctioned technologies — Bloomberg reports that the monitoring will be applied to countries where a sharp increase in the import of advanced technologies and other goods from the European Union, which Russia can use for military purposes in Ukraine, is observed.

According to the publication after sanctions and export controls were imposed on Moscow, exports of modern semiconductors, integrated circuits, and other technologies to Russia from the EU and G7 countries have significantly decreased. Instead, the supply of these commodities increased from the EU and the G7 to countries such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and several countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Against this background, the export from the mentioned countries to Russia has increased sharply.

By tightening trade monitoring, the EU will try to determine whether sanctioned cargo from third countries reaches Russia.

The EU and its allies are now increasingly focused on eliminating opportunities to avoid the sanctions they impose. The US is also putting increasing pressure on Turkey and the United Arab Emirates to limit trade flows from those countries to Russia.

Joe Biden and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also duscussed taking measures against the possibilities of circumventing sanctions at the meeting held at the White House on March 10.