Airfreight price remains at a record high

In January, air freight rates to usual destinations were 60% higher than in the same period last year. Despite the increase in tariffs, the demand for this type of transport does not decrease. The latest data from the Baltic Exchange Air Transportation Index show that tariffs from Hong Kong to North America in January were $10.90 per kg. For comparison, last year the price was $6.43 per kg (an increase of 69.5% per year), while 2 years ago – the cost of air transportation of 1 kg of cargo was $ 3.14. It’s worth noting, however, that the tariff for shipping 1 kg of cargo recorded in December has already been reduced to $ 12.72 in January.

The situation is similar in the direction from Hong Kong to Europe: here January prices reached $ 6.61 per kg of cargo. This figure is higher than the $ 4.28 per kilogram of shipment recorded in January last year (54.4% year-on-year increase) and $ 2.83 – in January 2020 but falls short of the December tariff when the air freight rate of $ 1 per kilogram was $ 8.

Tariff reductions after December are not so surprising as the last quarter is the industry peak season and rates are the highest.

Compared to last year, prices have also risen for shipments from China, but not in the same way as from Hong Kong; Rates from China to the US increased by about 30% compared to last year.

Prices on the transatlantic route from Frankfurt to North America increased by 3.8%, to $ 4.62 per kg per year.