Polish Post goes mobile

Poczta Polska (Polish Post), the biggest provider of postal services announced that it is equipping its post carriers with mobile devices and dedicated “Mobile postman” application.

The new devices will allow the company to broaden the scope of services offered and cut down on paperwork.

Poczta Polska has not exactly been associated with innovation and keeping up with new technologies, but this is soon to change.

75% of Polish postcodes as of now will be serviced by postal workers equipped with the new tool. 100% coverage is to be reached in August.

The new mobile app is not just about assistance in correspondence handling. The mail carriers will be able to receive contactless card payments, accept parcels for mailing, or offer financial services.

The new app is to enable electronic confirmation of delivery. Poczta Polska is to introduce it as a mandatory requirement for becoming official mail carrier for Polish courts as of 01 March.

That is not all. Poczta Polska recently furnished its post offices with POS terminals allowing for card payments when purchasing stamps, paying bills, or sending correspondence. Until recently, the customers could only do that with cash.

Another new service is cash back, which allows to withdraw money from one’s account. Two types cards will be accepted: Visa and MasterCard.

Another new venture is cooperation with an online service provider Home.pl. The postal service company has recently launched an e-store dedicated for companies. Entrepreneurs can purchase such things as a domain name, a simple website, or access to Office 365.

The company has recently been concentrating on assisting ecommerce businesses, offering them dedicated services such as mass correspondence forwarding and a wide range of packaging materials.

Last year, Poczta Polska won a tender to deliver over 170 million court letters in the next three years. The agreement is worth 293 million PLN.

This means everything goes back to normal. In the recent three years, court correspondence was handled by Poczta Grupa Pocztowa (inPost) who won the previous tender.

Yet, the new carrier, in the view of many of its clients, was not fully prepared to take up such a responsibility. Many people complained about the quality of the service and difficulties in finding inPost offices.

In the new tender proceedings Poczta Grupa Pocztowa had to give way to Poczta Polska, as the latter crushed its competitors by offering very low prices.