Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine prices to Increase for the EU Countries

Prices for coronavirus vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, is expected to rise in the EU. According to media reports, the price of Pfizer dose will increase by 25%, and one of Moderna by 10%.

According to the new agreement, manufacturers of the coronavirus vaccine will supply the EU with 2.1 billion doses of the vaccine by the end of 2023. Experts predict that companies’ profits will increase significantly this year, which is largely due to third, the so-called “booster” dose.

Pfizer has not yet commented on the increase in the price of the vaccine and says that the details of the contract are confidential. The price of the Pfizer vaccine is expected to increase from 15.5 euros to 19.5 euros, and the dose of Moderna will increase from 19 euros to 21.5 euros.

Pfizer expects to raise $33.5 billion in profits as sales of vaccine doses increase. According to the CEO, the price of the doses is following the income for each country, as they are trying their best to make the vaccine available to low-income countries as well.

It should be noted that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mainly ordered by high-income countries. The AstraZeneca vaccine is popular in relatively low-income countries. Next year, Pfizer sales are set to rise to $56 billion, Moderna to $30 billion, and AstraZeneca to $15 billion.

Remember that part of the EU member states, led by Austria, accuse the organization of unfair distribution of doses of coronavirus vaccine. The European Union (EU) says Pfizer’s agreement to pay higher prices guarantees that member states will receive doses of the coronavirus vaccine. In addition to this, according to the European Commission, the new price of Pfizer is following the agreement reached at the beginning of the year with a pre-receipt of 10 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine.