Poland is 6th biggest country in the European Union in terms of Population and main country of the CEE region. The country has 38 million inhabitants. Poland has joined the EU in 2004 and since that year its economy is growing fast. While other countries has been effected by the last financial crisis, Polish economy stayed strong and its GDP was growing every year.

Currently former Polish prime minister - Donald Tusk is the President of European Council.

Poland is the first and still main country where ShelfCompanies24.com provide its services. Below we include some basic data about the jurisdiction.

Law in Poland origins from Roman Law. Incorporation of a company usually takes few weeks. There is a need for only one officer - Director. This person can be of any nationality and does not need disclose any other data than name and address to the company registry. Only name is publicly available on the internet, while address can be accessed only at the registry court in person. There is no restrictions on foreign shareholding. Anybody can become shareholder of Polish company. Also foreign entities can become shareholders. Minimum required share capital for a company is 5000 PLN (equivalent of around 1200 EUR). There is no requirement of local shareholder. There is no such officer in Polish Company Law as Company Secretary. So minimum amount of people required to setup a company is one person.

VAT rate in Poland is 23% while corporate income tax (CIT) amounts to 19%. There is also withholding tax on dividends of 20% which can be exempted if other EU member state's entity is a shareholder.

Poland has strong economy with constant GDP growth over the last three decades.

Political is parliamentary democracy. ...

Majority of banks in Poland is open to international clients. Usually there is a need to appear in person, however few banks can open accounts without coming to Poland. Some of the banks also welcome foreign and offshore companies.

Main banks in Poland are:

PKO BP, PEKAO S.A., mBank, Raiffeisen, Millennium Bank, Citibank, BZWBK