Innovators Under 35 Poland

MIT Technology Review published a list of top Polish innovators under the age of 35. The ranking includes 10 entrepreneurs with amazing, creative ideas that may change the world we live in.

MIT Technology Review was founded in 1899. The tech magazine is published in three countries. Online service has 13 editions. It has two offices in the US: one in Massachusetts and one in San Francisco. It is published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Polish edition of the MIT competition was held for the second time. Apart from Poland, MIT showcases science and business pioneers from Belgium, France, Germany and Spain.

The young inventors could showcase their ideas in an event that took place in Warsaw Spire on June 28th. It was an occasion to find new investors and get some media attention. Interestingly, the winners received no cash prize. They will have the chance to get a global Innovators Under 35 award.

The competition consists of three phases: nomination, evaluation and presentation. The judges are looking for fresh developments in the fields of biotechnology and medicine, electronic hardware, energy, web, nanotechnology, software, telecommunications and transportation.

The top honours of Innovators Under 35 Poland went to Patrycja Wizińska-Socha and Rafał Flis.

Wizińska-Socha is the creator of Pregnabit, a monitoring system for pregnant women that allows to perform CTG scans at the comfort of their home. Unlike the big CTG machines that are used in hospitals and doctors’ offices, Pregnabit fits in a suitcase that may be taken anywhere.

The developer highlights the fact that the invention is not an electronic gadget, but a medical device that is about to get appropriate certification. The user gets access to online consultations and the data they submit is checked by medical professionals. If the figures appear to be out of the norm, the user will be requested to visit a doctor or go to hospital.

Rafał Flis received the title of Social Innovator of the Year for creating a platform for social activists called Social Wolves. The online service allows its users to create projects and bond with other campaigners. The platform provides a framework and mentoring for young people wishing to change the world.

Other inventors that got the recognition of MIT Technology Review are creators of such solutions as portable brain scanner, big data analysis platform, a money transfer platform, portable spirometer or transparent nanotube coating.