Hotel Managers in Europe Concerned about Energy Price

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The vast majority (80%) of hotel managers across Europe consider rising energy prices to be the industry’s biggest challenge. This was shown by the survey – European Accommodation Barometer 2022.

Thousand hoteliers from 10 countries, including France, Germany and Spain, participated in the survey. They talked about the situation in the accommodation facilities during the last six months and the forecasts for the next six months.

Along with energy costs, 48% of respondents are concerned about the overall economic situation, 43% about staff recruitment and retention, and 42% about staffing costs. In general, hoteliers rated the state of their business positively over the past six months, with 70% rating it as “good” or “very good.”

Speaking about the future, the respondents are less optimistic: only about 40% chose the answer “positive” or “very positive”, and 17% – “very negative”.

Hotel owners were also asked about their investment plans for the next six months. 23% plan to spend less, 28% – on the contrary, more, and the rest will not change the volume of investments.

In addition, respondents admitted that they are ready for digital transformation more than for “green”, ecological changes.

For 31% of respondents, marketing in social networks causes difficulties. In terms of sustainable development, half of the respondents consider energy efficiency as their top priority, followed by waste reduction (29%) and conservation of natural resources (19%).