Europe will produce only zero-emission vehicles from 2035

The countries of the Council of the European Union supported the initiative on the production of cars and trucks with zero emissions from 2035 on the territory of the European Union. This is stated in the press release issued by the Council of the European Union.

“The Council agreed to increase the CO2 emissions targets to 55% by 2030 for cars and 50% for trucks. The council also voted to increase the target to 100% by 2035 for all new vehicles,” the statement declared.

As the Bloomberg agency points out, the EU initiative actually completes the era of internal combustion engine cars. The agency also adds that most European car manufacturers will have to produce only electric cars from 2035.

The ban on internal combustion engine vehicles is part of the European Commission’s plan to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Last year, the European Commission proposed switching to fully electric vehicles from 2035 and ban the production of internal combustion engine vehicles in the EU.