Despite the Drought, France Predicts an Increase in Wine Production

The Ministry of Agriculture of France predicts the recovery of the country’s wine production after the agricultural sector was hit by the frosts of 2021. However, there is still a threat of a reduction in the volume of production due to drought in the country.

This year, in most regions of France, compared to last year, the weather was much more favorable for the flowering of vines. An exception is a southwestern part, which was affected by frost and hail. According to the Ministry’s assumption, wine production will increase by 13-21% in 2022, from an average of 42.6 million hectoliters to 45.6 million hectoliters. For reference, a hectoliter is equivalent to 100 liters, i.e. 133 standard wine bottles.

According to the report published by the Ministry of Agriculture, based on the available data, wine production is increasing in almost all regions. However, if droughts persist in the area until harvest, the threat of reduced production will still increase. It is significant that the French agricultural sector is the largest in the European Union.

According to the report mentioned above, the dry and warm weather this year has reduced the impact of the disease on the vines, which should lead to an earlier than usual start of the harvest.