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Poland in shock after S&P’s downgrade

[20-January-16 8:00:32]
Share this pagePolish media buzzes with emotion in the aftermath of Standard & Poor’s decision to lower Poland’s credit ranting announced on Friday. This is...

Record-breaking year on Polish Power Exchange

[18-January-16 8:00:18]
Share this pageIt has been a good year for Polish Power Exchange (TGE – Towarowa Giełda Energii). Electricity and gas trade volumes on spot markets...

Low oil prices keep deflation up

[13-January-16 8:00:57]
Share this pageDecember will be another month of falling prices in Poland, as deflation does not seem to be going away, as the recent CPI...

Netflix available in Poland

[11-January-16 8:00:08]
Share this pageBig news for Polish movie and TV lovers came up on Wednesday, as the American streaming favourite Netflix opens up for the Polish...

New regulation – restructuring law act

[8-January-16 8:00:25]
Share this pageOn 1 January 2016 a new restructuring law act came into force, which is to execute the so-called “new chance politics” The goal...

Unemployment going down in 1-3Q 2015

[6-January-16 8:00:36]
Share this pageGłówny Urząd Statystyczny (Central Statistical Office) has recently issued its publication on the condition of the Polish labour market, “Employment, wages, and salaries...

New tax to hit Polish banks in 2016

[4-January-16 8:42:50]
Share this pageA big change is coming up in 2016 for the banks and some other financial institutions operating in Poland, as Polish Sejm (lower...


New Dart passenger trains set off the track

[30-December-15 9:50:30]
Share this pagePolish rail took a step forward yesterday, as some brand-new electric trains departed from Warsaw to Lublin on their first journey. Passengers will...

Amazon to build up presence in Poland

[28-December-15 14:12:33]
Share this pageKerry Person, Director of Operations at Amazon Polska, shared the information that the Seattle retail giant plans to expand its presence in Europe,...

Biggest investment in the world in Poland?

[2-July-15 16:30:54]
Share this pageUAE based company Emmar – whose owner Mohamed Allabar has visited Poland together with ruler of Dubai Muhammad ibn Raszid al-Maktuma has announced...